Credit Consolidation

Credit consolidation can be the answer to your credit woes. Learn more about credit consolidation here.

Credit Consolidation

Got a lot of credit that needs to be paid? It may be time for credit consolidation!

What's Credit Consolidation?

Credit consolidation is a process of getting your unsecured credit balances and interest rates reduced through a process of negotiation. Then your balances are combined into one, and you make one monthly payment to the credit consolidation company that did the negotiating on your behalf. They will distribute the payment to your creditors. Because of all the reductions in balance and interest rates, you can be debt free in about five years.

Finding a Credit Consolidation Company

Finding a credit consolidation company is a relatively simple, albeit time-consuming task. Just search the Internet on the term credit consolidation and see what you come up with. Probably pages and pages of results. Even though it's tempting to choose the first one that you see, don't do it. Instead, choose a handful of these companies and complete their online forms. There's no obligation by doing so, and within 24 hours, you'll get recommendations from these companies. Compare the recommendations and fees, then narrow it down again. Then make sure the survivors are nationally certified and accredited, make sure they have a physical street address instead of or in addition to a post office box and call them to ask questions. See who you feel most comfortable with, then make your decision.

A good credit consolidation company will go over your financial situation with you in detail. You might have options besides a debt consolidation plan. You might qualify for a credit consolidation loan. If you're a homeowner, you could get a debt consolidation mortgage. If you're being eaten up by student loan debt, you could be a candidate for student loan debt consolidation. There's even help for those with bad credit--in the form of bad credit consolidation. The really is something for everyone!

A good piece of advice is to get some credit counseling to go with your credit consolidation plan. This will teach you how to manage your money better so that you can avoid being in debt again in the future.

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