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Debt - Will It Ever Leave You Alone?

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, millions of curious people gathered around the wise old man. They all had the same question:

"How can we eliminate debt from our lives, oh wise one with the long, white beard and mustard-colored robe?"

The old man smiled, rubbed his white beard and relayed a story to these citizens. He told them of a fabulous invention, known as a debt consolidation program, that specializes in the very thing that these misguided consumers were in need of: debt consolidation. Debt had been plaguing them for so many years that they had lost hope, believed that society would soon be overtaken by escalating monthly bills and high APRs and generous credit limits that seemed appealing but, in reality, were used by evil credit card companies to keep them in debt forever.

A debt lesson to be learned

The wise old man was not surprised by their reaction. He had seen what happened to those who failed to find the keys to efficient debt management or who had travelled to the wrong places, such as the end of a rainbow, in search of a debt consolidation loan that would magically lift their financial burden. He carefully explained to them that there was a new invention, it was known as the Internet, and it held the key to all their hopes and dreams. A few key strokes here, a few mouse clicks there, and they could get out of debt in just a few years. It's like magic, this credit counseling business.

Mouths dropped, women fainted, cows mooed. How could this Internet, this Web of the whole Wide World, solve their debt problems? Again, the old man smiled. This invention opened up a new world to all consumers, one in which countless companies focused on the need to consolidate debt and came up with proven methods and techniques with which they could combat debt, strike it down like the villainous monster that it was! It was all about negotiations, the old man said. One does not defeat debt with a blow of the sword, but with the words of the mouth. These companies had credibility on their side, they had dedicated their professional existence to debt elimination and creditors respected this. They helped to lower interest rates on behalf of their clients. They helped to reduce monthly payments. They simply helped, in any way that they could.

The consumers stood and cheered. Debt relief was near, it was true! It was real. There would be no more tears at the end of each month when the credit card bill arrived, no more false hope that a debt solution would soon be reached. They hugged the old man, they tugged on his long white beard. One fellow even gave him a fist pound. And then they were off! Off to their homes, off to find this Internet and find the debt counseling solutions that awaited them. Could they even be helped with student loan debt?

Did the debt lesson really work?

How quickly could these debt settlement plans work? How soon would they be debt free and able to afford the future major purchases that they had always dreamed about? The answers varied, but the success rate was uncanny. All consumers received debt help, all watched in awe and elation as APRs almost half as low as the ones they were enjoying were found. Other made certain sacrifices and found their own debt solutions by eliminating extraneous expenses from their monthly expenditures. There may have been fewer jousting contests -- those helmets were expensive -- but there was also less credit card debt.

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